Hundreds of migrants crossing into El Paso

Hundred of migrants are seen crossing into El Paso on Monday from Juarez.

Homicides, dismemberment plague Juarez residents

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Chihuahua state police investigators cordon off the scene where body parts were abandoned in plastic bags and a blanket in the Mezquital neighborhood of south Juarez.

DHS Lawsuit Camps

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Al Otro Lado, a migrant advocacy group in San Diego files lawsuit against DHS for not making asylum more available at ports of entry

Eagle Pass orchard caught in Texas vs. U.S. showdown …

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An Eagle Pass couple has found their property to be in the middle of Texas’ battle with the federal government over jurisdiction in immigration policy at the southern border.

Group: Activist’s body found near Juarez junkyard

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Chihuahua state police officers search for Karina Dominguez Rubio, a women's rights activist missing since Nov. 16, 2023, in a junkyard in the West Juarez, Mexico, neighborhood of Anapra.

Lukeville Long Waits

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People complaining about having to wait for a long time at Lukeville Port of Entry since it has less personnel to do inspections

No migrant surge on El Paso-Juarez corridor

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The Mexican side of the Rio Grande looked devoid of activity on Tuesday, Nov. 28, 2023, unlike what was going on in South Texas and Southern Arizona. Only a small group of six migrants was observed crossing the river and surrendering to U.S. Border Patrol Tuesday afternoon.

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