TEMPLE, Texas — Temple Police and the FBI announced new charges Wednesday against ten people in connection with Project Safe Neighborhoods.

Chief Shawn Reynolds, FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge Jason Hudson, and several other law enforcement agents held a press conference Wednesday afternoon in Temple.

In federal grand jury indictments unsealed today, these members of Killas With Aggression Gang, or KWA, are accused of racketeering, federal drug trafficking, and other crimes.

Officers and agents arrested 3 people Wednesday and already had six others in custody.

“Todays indictment and the related complaint reveal a reign of terror perpetrated by a violent enterprise resulting in death and suffering on a frieghtening scale,” said U.S. Attorney Gregg Sofer.

Those men arrested today include 39-year-old Jason Mayes, 24-year-old Christopher Meyers, and 27-year-old Reginald Williams

The men already in custody are 27-year-old Desmond Wilkerson, 23-year-old Atorius Williams, 21-year-old Demonta Daniels, 26-year-old Trashawn Alexander, 27-year-old James Whitfield, Jr., and 24-year-old Jyraciel Whitfield.

Officers are still looking for 25-year-old Dominic Johnson.

Desmond Wilkerson, Atorius Williams, Demonta Daniels, James Whitfield, Jr., and Christopher Meyers are all accused of conspiring to commit five murders over the past five years in Temple, Belton, and Hearne.

Johnson, Wilkerson, and Mayse are also accused of selling marijuana in Central Texas over the last six years.

A related federal indictment accuses 25-year-old Christopher Kelso, 21-year-old Emanuel Padilla, and 22-year-old Darius Hellums of robbing a Temple home and shooting a person inside over drugs and guns.

“Those that commit violent acts on our communities, your day will come. Some of these investigations have taken years and you thought you got away with it but guess what? Not here in Central Texas. You will face justice. It will come to you,” said Belton Police Chief Gene Ellis.

If convicted of these crimes, the suspects could face anywhere from 20 years to life in federal prison.