Long-lasting love not letting the pandemic get in their way


BROWNSVILLE, Texas – The pandemic isn’t getting in the way of love. An elderly couple’s marriage is still going strong even with a window between them.

Jacobo Garcia, 77, and his wife Aurora, 74, have been married for 54 years. Garcia had his words translated for him by Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) Ludi Benitez outside his wife’s window at Fox Hollow Post Acute living facility.

Garcia explained his love for his wife. 

“It is the maximum because with her she is the only one, she is the maximum,” he said.

Aurora has battled Alzheimer’s disease for two years and before the pandemic, she didn’t let it slow her down.

“In the evenings she would tell me to take her around,” he said. She wanted 200 laps and I would tell her we were already at 199 and she would say no it can’t be possible because we just started. I want you to bring me your notebook, I’m going to write it down because you’re always telling me we’re on 199 and it’s not true.” 

The living facility has safety guidelines because of the pandemic and to stay close to his wife, Garcia sits outside her window every day.

“He would write on the board what she needs to communicate with her or he would even document or write on the board for the girls to do something that Aurora needs and then the girls do it for him,” Benitez said for Garcia.

 Garcia is determined to not let the pandemic get in the way of their love.

 “Proof of that is that I’m still here taking care of her,” said Benitez for Garcia.

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