EL PASO, Texas (Border Report) — Police have released names of victims in the June 25 crash near Downtown El Paso that left seven dead and three in the hospital.

The list includes five citizens of Guatemala, one Juarez resident and four El Paso teenagers. They were inside a Chevrolet Cruze fleeing Border Patrol vehicles responding to an alleged human-trafficking incident that originated in Sunland Park, New Mexico.

Smugglers ‘own the mountain’ where deadly pursuit started, ex-border chief says

The vehicle crashed at the corner of Paisano Drive and San Antonio Street. The Border Patrol stated that its agents called off the pursuit when the Chevrolet reached dangerous speeds on a narrow, curvy stretch of Paisano. However, alleged witnesses and family members have told various local news outlets they dispute that the pursuit was called off.

Initially, only three people of foreign origin were identified by police. However, in a press release issued Wednesday morning, El Paso police said discrepancies in names and nationalities “are due to fraudulent identification(s) found on the bodies or information provided” by the survivors.

The driver of the Chevrolet Cruze was 18-year-old Gustavo Cervantes, listed as deceased. The other victims are:

  • Passenger 1: 21-year old Oscar Miguel Garcia-Bran (deceased) of Guatemala
  • Passenger 2: 19 –year old Elvira Tot-Chiroy (deceased) of Guatemala
  • Passenger 3: 16 –year old Liliana Jimenez, El Paso resident (deceased)
  • Passenger 4: 19 –year old tentative ID, El Paso resident (deceased) pending notification of kin
  • Passenger 5: 16- year old Yadira Barrera El Paso resident (deceased)
  • Passenger 6: 32-year old Santos Porfirio-Garcia, (deceased) of Guatemala
  • Passenger 7: 16 –year old male of Juarez, Mexico
  • Passenger 8: 18 –year old Omar Misael Coyoy of Guatemala
  • Passenger 9: 25 –year old Wilmer Gomez-Gomez of Guatemala

El Paso police said the Special Traffic Investigations unit continues the investigations.

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