EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — Entrepreneur Elon Musk visited the Southern border in Eagle Pass, Texas on Thursday, Sept. 28.

Musk made the trip with U.S. Rep. Tony Gonzales, R-Texas, whose sprawling district includes part of El Paso.

Musk pinned a video of his visit on his “X” profile, titled “Went to Eagle Pass border crossing to see what’s really going on”.

As we’ve reported Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, purchased Twitter and renamed it “X”.

“This is really just for the general public, so we really just want to frame the situation because not everyone knows the magnitude,” said Musk in the video.

Musk has 158.3 million followers on “X”.

KTSM 9 News asked Gonzales why he took Musk to Eagle Pass and not El Paso.

“What is happening in Eagle Pass right now, the exact same thing is very similarly happening in El Paso. It was sheerly a logistics issue and I’d love to take him to both,” Gonzales said.

As we’ve reported, migrants have been sleeping on the streets of El Paso and according to the City of El Paso migrant dashboard, daily U.S. Customs and Border Protection encounters in El Paso are at 1,477.

“What you’re seeing in El Paso is getting worse and I will continue to sound the alarm on it and I will also continue to work with anyone who wants to find a reasonable solution. I don’t care who you are,” Gonzales said.

When asked what bringing Musk to the border does, Gonzales said 100 million people viewing a video is “moving the needle.”

“I think this is exactly the type of outside-the-box thinking we need to move a boulder like immigration reform and border security,” Gonzales said.

Gonzales posted a video to his “X” account, showing him driving a pickup truck around Eagle Pass with Musk who was in the passenger seat.