ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – An Albuquerque church is cleaning up Wednesday morning after it was vandalized not once, not twice, but three times in a week.

Officials with the Metropolitan Community Church say they’re known for welcoming members of the LGBTQ community and immigrants, and wonder if that’s what’s behind these attacks.

“This is taking away money from much-needed ministries in our church,” said Pastor Judith Maynard.

Shards of glass spread throughout the worship center at the church. The rocks that broke the church’s windows still remain on the floor next to the chairs.

“It’s troubling,” said Maynard. “If somebody needs something, I’d rather they just come to the door and ask for help. If they’re mad about something, let’s talk about it.”

Maynard says the first door window was broken last Wednesday, Aug. 7. Right after it was fixed, someone broke another window in the same door the very next day. On Tuesday, vandals struck again, breaking the window of another door and shattering a double-pane window inside.

Maynard says they are filing a report with police. The cost of repairs could be around $1,000.

As for why they were attacked, Maynard can only guess. She says the church is known for welcoming all people, including members of the LGBTQ community, and recently, they posted on social media about a trip to El Paso to pray for the conditions of the families separated at the border.

“I posted pictures and put announcements up about it on our Facebook page,” said Maynard. “I don’t know if somebody’s mad about that.”

Whether someone is mad about that, Maynard isn’t. She just wants the vandals to stop.

“I’m not mad at anybody, I forgive you, whoever did it, please stop,” said Maynard. “It’s costing money to us that’s needed for other things.”

The Christian church has been at the same location for 18 years and they’ve only had a few minor incidents during that time. The pastor says despite these recent attacks of vandalism, people at the church are still in good spirits.