EL PASO, Texas (Border Report) – An El Paso woman is facing federal conspiracy charges in connection with an alleged scheme to transport unauthorized migrants to Albuquerque.

Jennifer Liset Cabral, 18, was one of two drivers stopped at a U.S. Border Patrol checkpoint west of Las Cruces, New Mexico, last week after one of their passengers failed to declare his citizenship. Court records show that Cabral’s Honda Odyssey and a Dodge Durango that closely followed her vehicle were allegedly transporting 17 unauthorized non-citizens from a house in El Paso to a gas station in Albuquerque.

Cabral allegedly told investigators she was transporting migrants on behalf of a man to whom she owes money. She stated she has transported unauthorized foreign nationals for her employer on four prior occasions and that she gets paid for each client that makes it past Border Patrol highway checkpoints, court document show.

Cabral allegedly told investigators that a third driver would precede the two-vehicle caravan at the checkpoint and would instruct her to “either keep going or return to El Paso,” court records show.

Cabral had a detention hearing last Friday before U.S. Magistrate Judge Gregory J. Fouratt in Las Cruces. At that time, federal prosecutors said they consider Cabral a flight risk and requested she remain detained.

Cabral has resided in El Paso for the past three years but has “significant” ties to Mexico and crossed the U.S.-Mexico border 15 times in July alone, court records show.

Cabral remained in federal custody as of Wednesday morning. There was no immediate word on the other driver.