TIJUANA (Border Report) — Mexico President Andrés Manuel López Obrador will visit Tijuana on Saturday to discuss security in this corner of Mexico where more than 2,000 murders were recorded last year.

López Obrador, referred to by many in Mexico as AMLO, will also cut the ribbon and inaugurate a National Guard armory in Tijuana.

“He has been touring cities with security problems, aside from that, there will be intense meetings on other subjects,” said Alejandro Ruíz Uribe, a federal delegate from Baja California.

Baja Gov. Jaime Bonilla also discussed the president’s visit, saying the city’s security issues will be visited.

“I really can’t give out many details aside from the fact there will be a meeting to discuss security for Tijuana,” Bonilla said.

The governor hopes to see greater safety in Baja California, especially in Tijuana, which has the highest number of violent crimes in the state.

“It’s too early to see a difference in what has plagued us for many years, but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, we’re hoping it’s not a train but the exit to this long problem that we’ve had here,” Bonilla said. “The city has the highest numbers and statistics as far as being one of the most insecure areas.”

This will be López Obrador’s second visit to Tijuana in the last three months.

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