TIJUANA (Border Report) — There’s nothing else to do but wait.

That’s what health officials are telling people 60 and older who have received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccination during the last few weeks, but remain in limbo as they wait for their second dose.

These are people who got the Sinovac version of the vaccine, which is made by China’s Sinovac Biotech. Mexico has been buying and distributing large quantities of this vaccine in recent months.

The Mexican border state of Baja California, which is home to Tijuana, is hoping to get 30,000 doses soon and administer them to seniors who already got their first shot.

State Secretary of Health Alonso Óscar Pérez Rico was asked by reporters when the vaccine might arrive.

“The vaccine will arrive at some point, the moment it does will start inoculating people,” he said.

Meantime, people have been taking to social media to complain about the uncertainty and concern within the city of Tijuana over the lack of vaccines, as many residents worry about the time-lapse between first and second doses.

Pérez Rico is telling people there’s still time.

“There’s up to 42 days between doses for maximum efficacy, we are still well within that range.”

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