TIJUANA (Border Report) — Tijuana Mayor Montserrat Caballero ruled out the need to strengthen her security detail after a cartel referenced her in a “narco banner” found on city streets a few days ago.

The message quoted the mayor’s recent defiant message to a drug cartel to “collect their debts from organized crime and not from innocent families.”

She made the comment earlier this month a day after a cartel threatened Tijuana and the Northern Baja California region with mass mayhem and chaos on the streets.

The warnings brought the city to a standstill.

At the time, many were critical of Caballero’s statement saying she seemed to be OK with cartels fighting among themselves, something she has denied.

Caballero said she doesn’t believe the recent threat of violence was directed at her.

“The people behind this message were not targeting me personally,” said Caballero. “I’m not afraid for my life or the lives of people in Tijuana, I hope the attorney general catches the thugs behind this banner.”

Caballero encouraged the public to denounce those who extort money or charge fees to residents and business owners.

“I’m inviting all citizens to file complaints with these type of incidents, we’re not in accordance and will never support this type of activity,” she said. “I will reiterate, don’t mess with the citizens of Tijuana, those who work hard every day to make our city better.”