TIJUANA (Border Report) — The Mexican border state of Baja California could see a third wave of COVID-19 cases by the end of the month.

Currently, almost all COVID-19 indicators show a spike, something that is considered a prelude for a third wave of COVID-19 in cities such as Tijuana, according to Baja California health officials.

They believe the wave will arrive late this month and into May.

As of Sunday, the number of active cases went up to 310.

The state’s Secretary of Health, Alonso Óscar Pérez Rico, said they are not only seeing more active cases but more visits to clinics and medical facilities by people exhibiting symptoms, especially respiratory illnesses, and people who have not been able to overcome the virus.

Hospitalizations have also doubled in the past week, going from 10 percent to 20.45 percent for week ending April 11. And 33 people are reportedly intubated compared to 26 the week before.

“If we see a rise in the curve, we’ll have to open more units around the city to provide care to patients,” Pérez Rico said.

The secretary of health indicated what is more troubling is that one in two hospitalized patients is requiring a ventilator.

Recently, he said COVID-19 variants first detected in California are now being found south of the border, something that could lead to “repercussions” in all of Baja California considering the movements across the border.

Pérez Rico has also stated that spring breakers from the U.S. who visited Baja California could be another factor in increased numbers of COVID-19 cases expected in coming weeks.

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