TIJUANA (Border Report) — More soldiers have been deployed to the city of Tijuana to fight the ongoing cartel wars in the city. About 200 arrived on Tuesday.

Officials say they will help support other national guard troops that are already fighting organized crime.

“The conflict over control of production, distribution and sales of drugs led by organized delinquents within the state of Baja California has generated a large number of homicides as a result of these activities,” said General Francisco Javier Hernández Almanza, the head of the Mexico’s National Guard in Baja California.

Hernández Almanza made these comments as the soldiers arrived in one of Tijuana’s military installations before almost immediately dispatching the newly-arrived troops across the city.

“Under instructions of the president we received 200 members of the special forces as a way to try and reduce violent events, now we have about 3700 soldiers in place,” said Hernández Almanza.

The general said they will continue to do vehicle checks across the city.

“It’s precisely because of the public’s safety that we will continue to do vehicle stops and checkpoints,” said Hernández Almanza. “We’ve had positive results, I don’t know how many, but we’ve recovered weapons and drugs.”