TIJUANA (Border Report) — Police and investigators in Baja California say Logan Kelley, 26, is the man who murdered a Tijuana prostitute on Wednesday night inside a Tijuana nightclub.

Kelley, who will turn 27 later this month, played collegiate basketball briefly for Rutgers University in New Jersey eight years ago.

Isis Montoya. (Courtesy photo)

The victim, Isis Montoya, was a 19-year old “sex worker” at Adelita’s Bar in Tijuana’s infamous Zona Norte.

Graphic surveillance video shows a young man, matching Kelley’s physical description, walking up from behind, grabbing Montoya’s neck before slashing her throat.

She died at the scene.

The video also shows the suspect sprinting away.

Investigators say the person seen running away was Kelley, who was stopped by club personnel before getting outside.

According to the Rutgers’ website, Kelley played in only three basketball games as a freshman, but was kicked off the team at the end of the season for an unknown reason.

Kelley also played for one year at the University of Montevallo in Alabama. He is from Mountain Side, New Jersey. His passport indicates Kelley was born in Ohio.

Mexican authorities released a picture of the alleged murder weapon.

Initially, there were erroneous reports published stating Kelley was in the United States Marine Corps. In a statement to Border Report, a Marine Corps spokesman said Kelley was never a Marine nor was he ever associated with the Corps.

“There is no record of this person ever serving in the Marine Corps.,” the statement said.

Investigators released a photo of the alleged murder weapon, which features the words “special forces” on the blade and has a picture of an assault rifle and a seal on the handle.

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