TIJUANA (Border Report) — Baja California health officials are warning residents in cities like Tijuana to beware of postings on social media advertising COVID-19 vaccines for sale. “They are fake.”

They’re asking people to be cautious and not be deceived.

“There’s a situation where COVID-19 vaccinations are for sale on the internet, on Facebook, that is totally super false, don’t pay attention to them, just to have a vaccine from Pfizer you need to keep them in a cold environment of minus 70 degrees,” said Baja California Secretary of Health Alonso Pérez Rico. “They are selling what turns out to be the most expensive water in the world, it will make you sick, they want to poison you, don’t pay attention, if someone in the health sector is selling these vaccines, I would ask that you contact me directly.”

This is not the first time officials have warned people about the sale of false coronavirus vaccines.

About a month ago, people were told any vaccine for the coronavirus listed for sale on the internet, social media, pharmacies, hospitals or stores poses a health risk.

“You can’t sell the vaccine, our president has indicated the vaccine is universal and free to all residents, all we ask is that people wait a bit longer, we’ll get everyone vaccinated,” said Pérez Rico.

Prosecutors are warning that anyone caught advertising or selling the fake vaccines will be tried.

“This is one of the most shameful things going right now, this is literally contraband of a purported medication, it carries severe penalties,” Pérez Rico.

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