TIJUANA (Border Report) — The Baja California Human Rights Commission has received more than a dozen complaints so far this year from families who say state investigators have done very little to look for their missing loved ones. Now, citizens have created a website to help.

According to the state’s attorney general’s office, there are almost 13,000 people who have been reported missing since 2007.

The site is called Desaparecer en Baja California; translated, it means Missing in Baja California.

It also tracks clandestine pits where bodies have been found throughout the region.

“This phenomenon of secret grave sites is a black stain on Baja California,” said Renata Demichelis Ávila, founder of the missing persons’ website.

Demichelis added they will update statistics and information every three months.

“The main problem facing the families of missing people, who were taken by force, is there’s no follow through on the part of investigators and there’s no place to get information,” Demichelis said.

According to her, the website was created primarily as a database to help the families while updating information about people who have vanished, something that has increased in recent years, not only in Baja California, but across Mexico.

“We want to see the site become a source of confidential, factual and up-to-date information so that everything is accurate, especially when someone is located. It will also have all the necessary paperwork related to the search and the case,” Demichelis said.