SAN DIEGO (Border Report) — Former major league pitcher Sergio Mitre has been found guilty of murdering the 22-month-old daughter of his ex-girlfriend.

A three-judge tribunal in the Mexican state of Coahuila made the ruling on Wednesday. It cited results from the toddler’s autopsy and findings from the criminal investigation as enough evidence to convict Mitre of the crime.

According to case records, the little girl named Ines, was brought to a hospital by her mother after sustaining a “heavy loss of blood” in July 2020.

The records also show Ines had been physically abused and had what are called “raccoon eyes” that are synonymous with traumatic head injuries.

The medical examiner said the girl suffered a fatal blow to the base of her skull and bled to death.

Mitre, 41, grew up in the Tijuana-San Diego region playing on baseball fields on both sides of the border where he became legendary for his talents as a pitcher.

He attended Montgomery High School in South San Diego before going on to pitch for Major League Baseball teams such as the New York Yankees and Florida Marlins.

He also pitched extensively, toward the end of his career, for several clubs in Mexico including the Tijuana Toros.

Mitre is now in a federal in prison awaiting sentencing.

In Mexico, there is no death penalty, but a person can receive a life sentence as long as parole is provided in 50 years.