TIJUANA (Border Report) — Despite a petition signed by Tijuana bar and nightclub owners to open those establishments, state health officials are not budging and have pledged to keep them closed for the time being.

Baja California’s Health Secretary Alonso Pérez Rico indicated none of the bars, nightclubs or dens of prostitution have gotten administrative permission from the state to open.

“If there’s a group that wishes to open, it’s not with state approval. When it’s all said and done, it’s not recommended at this time,” said Pérez Rico, adding that things will be reviewed in two weeks.

Baja California’s Health Secretary Alonso Pérez Rico. (Courtesy: State of Baja California)

“Once again, we’ll measure the amount of active cases and hospitalizations within next 14 days. Gov. Jaime Bonilla will make the decision to move forward, and whether we open up more activities, but at this point bars and clubs are closed.”

Baja California confirmed one coronavirus-related death and 31 new cases of COVID-19 on Monday.

According to the state’s COVID-19 website, since the pandemic began back in March, there have been 7,173 deaths in Baja California, including 3,203 in Tijuana.

And according to Pérez Rico, the rate of hospitalizations has been dropping lately, with 21 percent of people testing positive requiring hospital care. As of now, 81 COVID-19 patients are said to be intubated.

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