SAN DIEGO (Border Report) — The Mexican government is beginning a series of promotional campaigns for some of its states, and first on the list is Baja California.

This region is well known for its coastline, seafood, wines, and of all things, medical care.

“Tijuana is top three in the world in medical cities,” said Dr. Ricardo Vega Montiel of the Baja California Health Cluster.

Dr. Ricardo Vega Montiel. (Salvador Rivera/Border Report)

This group promotes medical tourism in Baja California.

“We have the best hospitals and equipment, we have good quality in medicine and in dental services,” Vega Montiel said during a news conference at the Mexican Consulate in San Diego.

“Our doctors have the same level of training, spend the same number of years studying and specializing in their medical fields,” he said.

Vega Montiel said that in recent years, more insurance companies have been willing to pay for the medical care of Americans who travel to Mexico for health services.

“It’s the same level of service at half the price,” said Carlos González Gutiérrez, Mexico’s Consul General in San Diego.

González Gutiérrez stated the city of Tijuana has seen a significant increase in the number of Americans who travel to Mexico for surgeries and other medical procedures, including dental care.

He says this is only the beginning.

“The skyline of Tijuana is going to change dramatically and it’s going to change because of huge investment that is already in the pipeline in order to build new hospitals, hotels and infrastructure around medical tourism, he said.”

Those who live in San Diego will have an opportunity to learn more about medical services offered in Mexico this weekend during a day-long event at the Mexican Consulate this Saturday.