SAN DIEGO, Calif. (Border Report) — With store shelves bare of toilet paper, water, pasta and other essentials, people from north of the border have been flocking to Tijuana to stock up.

This is the pasta shelf in a Vons in La Jolla, California.

Now it appears stores south of the border have not been able to keep up with demand.

The Costco in Zona Rio near the border has been picked clean mostly by San Diegans who crossed the border in search of the elusive materials.

Empty shelves in stores throughout San Diego.

“I went to Costco down there to get stuff and managed to buy what I needed,” said a man who identified himself only as Sergio.

He also said he considered himself fortunate because many others “weren’t as lucky” as he was.

Other stores in Tijuana such as Comercial Mexicana and Calimax are also reporting empty shelves.

“I could not find toilet paper at three Walmarts, Food 4 Less or anywhere in San Diego,” said Cesar Manjarrez, who said he lives in Tijuana, but works north of the border.

“I came here because there’s nothing over there, I was able to buy disinfectant, anti-bacterial gel and toilet paper,” said Manjarrez.

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