TIJUANA (Border Report) — Two American citizens were arrested Monday after trying to enter Mexico with weapons in their vehicles said Francisco Ramos, head of security for Baja California.

According to a report, members of the Mexican Army were summoned to the Otay Mesa Port of Entry southeast of downtown San Diego by Mexican Customs Agents who had stopped a man who they said had a gun and a clip with 10 rounds.

Around the same time, other Mexican military personnel were dispatched to a border crossing in Mexicali, Baja California where they said another U.S. citizen had been stopped while driving into Mexico with a gun and 15 rounds of ammunition.

Both were detained and placed into custody.

The Americans’ names were not released.

It is against the law to enter Mexico with any firearm or ammunition unless the bearer has a permit from Mexico’s defense ministry.

It is also illegal to keep and carry a gun on your person or vehicle at any time within Mexican territory.

As for punishment, according to Mexican sentencing guidelines, being found guilty of carrying a single bullet or unloaded firearm without a permit carries a penalty of up to five years in prison.