EL PASO, Texas (Border Report) – The Government of Mexico has extradited to the United States two men wanted in Arizona for sex offenses against minors.

One man only identified as Adriel G. was taken into custody in the state of Chihuahua at the request of American authorities. He has pending charges of kidnapping and statutory rape in Pima County involving an underage female.

The other suspect is Miguel F. He as outstanding warrants for the alleged 2015 sexual abuse of two minors in Maricopa County. He was taken into custody in Jalisco, Mexico.

Both Mexican nationals were jailed at a men’s detention facility in Mexico City while the extradition requests were reviewed. The Mexican Attorney General’s Office on Tuesday said both men were handed over to U.S. federal agents at the Mexico City International Airport and flown across the border to answer for the charges.

Mexico and the United States in 1978 signed an extradition treaty to prevent criminals from avoiding justice by going across the border. Mexico won’t allow the extradition of its nationals if they face the death penalty or are accused of offenses punishable with less than a year in prison or charges that it deems to be political in nature.

However, in the past year it has allowed for the extradition of drug traffickers, murderers and sex offenders.