EL PASO, Texas (Border Report) — The Border Report tour reached Nogales, Arizona, on Tuesday evening.

Nogales, a city of about 110,000, is on the Arizona-Mexico border, across from the much bigger Nogales, Mexico, in the state of Sonora.

The two cites appear to continue seamlessly, but they are divided by a 30-foot border barrier covered in barbed wire. Homes on either side of the border are merely feet away from each other.

The Border Report Team drove along the border wall on Tuesday evening, and they the live-streamed what they saw.

On previous stops along the border wall, the Border Report team usually noticed a lot more activity on the Mexican side while the U.S. side appeared to be much quieter.

Across from Tijuana, there is a state beach where the nearest home is at least three miles away.

Even the busy border town of San Ysidro, California, can’t compare to Tijuana. San Ysidro is a narrow strip of residential neighborhoods and commercial areas sandwiched between farms to west and mountains to the east, while Tijuana’s urban sprawl stretches for miles in every direction south of the U.S. Mexico border.

Across from Tecate, Mexico, the mountainous deserts of California created a similar situation, though on a much grander scale.

From the San Luis, Arizona, west, the border cuts through more than 100 miles of desolate desert before you reach the tiny town of Lukeville, Arizona, which is home to the Lukevill Port of Entry. Across the border is the Mexican town of Hombres Blancos, which is Spanish for white men.

Nogales is about 140 miles southeast of Lukeville.