SAN DIEGO — The City of Tijuana gets more remittance money from the United States than any other city in Mexico, according to Mexico’s secretary of economic development.

In 2022, and through March of this year, migrants and family members had sent $937 million to relatives and others living in Tijuana.

Mexico Secretary of Economic Development Raquel Buenrostro stated that almost 54,000 Tijuana residents have jobs in Southern California and commute north of the border daily, providing another boost to Mexico’s economy.

Tijuana Mayor Montserrat Caballero said most people in Tijuana have relatives or friends in the U.S. who send money to the city, helping the border economy thrive.

Overall, Mexico reportedly receives more remittance money than any country worldwide, except for India.

Earlier this year, Mexico’s Central Bank said money sent home from the U.S. grew by 13.4% in 2022, totaling almost $59 billion.

The bank also said remittances from the U.S. bring in more money to Mexico than other sources of income including tourism, oil exports and most manufacturing exports.

The average amount of money per person being sent to Mexico is said to be around $390.

Buenrostro also stated that most of the money sent to Mexico helps keep small businesses in operation and pay for resident’s healthcare expenses, education and housing.