TIJUANA (Border Report) — Tijuana is one of the hardest-hit Mexican cities when it comes to inflation, according to Mexico’s National Price Consumer Institute.

The price of oranges, chicken and electricity have gone up by as much as 28 percent since last year, the Institute reports.

On a national level, inflation has hit the 8 percent mark in Mexico, up from less than 6 percent at the same time last year.

The NPCI says prices in cities like Tijuana have gone up steadily at a clip of .77 percent per month since 2021.

According to the Trading Economics newsletter, Mexico’s annual inflation rate rose to 7.99 percent in June 2022 from 7.65 percent in the previous month, the highest reading since 2001 and slightly above expectations of 7.95 percent.

Prices for goods have risen by 9.91 percent, and the hike for services is listed at 4.76 percent.

As for housing prices, they have also gone up in Tijuana according to Global Property Guide.

Tijuana recorded the biggest year-to-year house price growth in Mexico with homes costing almost 11 percent more when compared to last year.