SAN DIEGO (Border Report) — Border Report’s California and El Paso region correspondents share the top stories from along the U.S.-Mexico Border. Here are the headlines for June 25 from the Border Report team.

New Central American caravan recruiting, set to head north June 30 

Central American migrants are using social media to unite and plan a massive caravan with the goal of reaching the Mexican border city of Tijuana before attempting to cross into the U.S. The effort is calling itself “Caravana de Imigrantes Hondureños 504.” Organizers are asking for more people to join as a way to “become stronger.” 

Raids on ‘narco’ camps in Western Chihuahua leave three dead, 18 in custody

A task force led by the Mexican army has dismantled 12 clandestine bases used by members of drug cartels in Western Chihuahua, state officials said on Thursday. Six of the camps were near the towns of Ignacio Zaragoza and San Buenaventura, less than 80 miles south of U.S. border. The other six were in hilly areas at the Chihuahua-Sonora stateline.