PRESIDIO COUNTY, Texas (Border Report) —  Brite Ranch trustee Jim White  says security cameras he’s installed over the last few years have helped capture everything from migrants illegally entering Texas to people trying to run drugs across the border.

White told Anna Wiernicki he’s installed a security gate on the main road of his ranch outside Marfa to stop traffic coming in and out. He’s also invested in a wireless camera network installed across his ranch. The cameras are all controlled remotely through a computer or cell phone. 

Check out the photo gallery below to see a few of the images White shared with

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White later learned about a company from San Diego that eventually came in and installed radar towers. These towers function as an electronic fence. He says the different technologies have made his ranch more secure for the families and employees of his ranch. 

“It turned into a wonderful security system,” he said. “We were able to, in cooperation with Border Patrol and the Sheriff’s Office, stop a lot of the dope running through here.” 

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White says he hasn’t seen any drug smuggling attempts across his ranch in more than one year. 

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