TIJUANA (Border Report) — A “fast pass” border traffic lane has opened at the Otay Mesa Port of Entry solely for the use of those coming back to California from medical or dental appointments in Tijuana.

The lane is considered an incentive for Americans who want an alternative to expensive health care north of the border.

It’s also seen as a revenue-generating tool for the medical industry in Mexico, especially on the east side of Tijuana where the Otay Mesa Port of Entry is located.

“This will benefit and promote clinics, medical offices and hospitals located on Tijuana’s east side,” said Dr. Rodrigo Robledo Silva, director of Tijuana’s Medical Health Cluster.

Doctors, clinics and health care providers will issue patients with QR codes that will engage an automated system at the lane granting access.

“It’s not an impediment anymore having to wait in line when getting medical care,” said Tijuana Mayor Montserrat Caballero. “There’s an economic benefit to not only medical providers, but they’re coming here to eat and to have fun too.”

The traffic lane and automation associated with the gate has been paid for by the Mexican Government.