TIJUANA (Border Report) — Several groups in the city of Tijuana have pledged to demonstrate on Monday demanding access to safe, free and legal abortions, which is illegal in many parts of Mexico and many other countries around the world.

One woman named Cristal said the day of “global action” march will shed light on what she called, “the need for the right to an abortion.”

“Our sexual reproductive rights can’t wait anymore, and we demand legal abortions in all of Mexico immediately,” she said. “At the same time, we demand legislators who are in favor of our reproductive rights to speak up and be seen to do their jobs and legalize our rights as women.”

Several groups, including Safe Abortion Tijuana Net, Violet Force, and The Confidants, said they would participate in the movement that will coincide with similar events in other countries and in other cities throughout Mexico.

The theme of the march in Tijuana is “Maternity will be desired or it won’t happen,” emphasizing a woman’s decision whether to procreate.

“We also demand the elimination of all initiatives on the local and federal level to penalize abortion,” Cristal said. “We need the right to a discussion where women are heard in a way that our right to choose over our bodies won’t be criminalized.”

Cristal added movements like theirs are hard to promote in a society dominated by men.

In Mexico, Mexico City and city of Oaxaca are the only jurisdictions in the country where abortion can be performed legally within the first twelve weeks of pregnancy.

The event is scheduled for Monday in Downtown Tijuana.