TIJUANA (Border Report) — Migrants staying at the Agape Shelter in Tijuana have been without running water for 11 days and counting.

On Monday morning, some of the migrants staged a protest at the offices of state’s public services commission in Tijuana. They wanted to show their frustration over the lack of water service at the facility.

After the demonstration, they were promised that potable water would be restored by late Monday afternoon. But as the evening arrived, they were told that, instead, a water truck would make a delivery.

“We were still thankful, migrants were looking forward to a chance to shower and clean up, wash the dishes,” said Pastor Albert Rivera, who runs the Agape Shelter.

Migrants protest lack of water at shelter in Tijuana. (Jorge Nieto/Special for Border Report)

But as of midnight and into early Tuesday morning, Rivera said there was no truck and no water.

Later Tuesday, the promised water truck finally arrived but with only enough water to clean the shelter.

“It only helped to clean the bathrooms, wash the dishes and some of the rooms, but the migrants were not able to shower … we’ve been promised another truck delivery today.”

Pastor Rivera said it has been frustrating, but he is grateful the potable water is expected to return any day now.

“It’s been some long days, but it will be worth it,” said Rivera.