TIJUANA (Border Report) — Several candidates launched their campaigns for Baja California governor over the weekend.

One of them, Jorge Hank Rhon, staged a rally at Tijuana’s Caliente Stadium, which he owns.

Former Miss Universe Lupita Jones held an event at Tijuana’s city hall and pushed for more public and infrastructure projects throughout the state.

The other leading candidate, Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, who is the mayor of Mexicali, the state’s capital, launched her campaign in the town of San Quintin, a coastal community about three hours south of Tijuana.

Jones, who has no political experience, promised to make Baja California a “model state.” She also stated she would work to make sure everyone prospers not just a few people with “good friends.”

Hank Rhon, who is one of Mexico’s wealthiest residents and former mayor of Tijuana, said he is running against the establishment and those “who have been wasting the people’s money.” He also claimed he would bring back the state to happier times.

Meantime, Ávila Olmeda, said she was going to fight corruption, poverty and inequality. She also promised to push for more social programs.

The election will be held June 2.

In all, there are seven candidates running for Baja California governor.

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