TIJUANA (Border Report) — Twenty-eight people have been arrested in connection with the theft of ballot boxes in the city of Mexicali, the State Attorney General’s office in Baja California announced Monday. It was one of several election-day incidents that occurred at polling places throughout the state.

Others are also being questioned.

Officials are also reporting that 37 polling places did not open on time, did not have ballots and/or ballot boxes, along with a number of other problems including poll workers fighting with one another.

There are also reports of drunk poll station personnel, voter intimidation, bribes offered in exchange for votes, missing poll workers and campaigning too close to a polling place.

One polling place was burned down.

In Mexicali, 34 other incidents have been reported, including the ballot box theft and the destruction of electoral materials at polling places.

Similar incidents are being reported in other cities such as Ensenada and Rosarito.

Baja California Attorney General Guillermo Ruiz said he has opened criminal investigations into all reported cases.

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