TIJUANA (Border Report) — The Baja California Secretary of Health has suspended the second round of COVID-19 vaccinations because written permission from Mexico City has not arrived.

Alonso Pérez Rico said without the authorization he cannot begin administering the second doses.

“We are not going to inoculate until we get clearance, they haven’t arrived,” he said.

No official date was provided as to when the vaccinations might resume, although Pérez Rico said the vaccines were on hand already.

Through the end of last week, there was a lot of concern about the eventual arrival of the second vaccines, which are being produced and sold to Mexico’s government by Sinovac, a Chinese pharmaceutical firm.

Many seniors who had received their first shot, were told to wait indefinitely until the second doses arrived in Tijuana.

Through May 10, a total of 257,070 vaccines has been administered in Tijuana including almost 64,000 to people 50 and over.

And 1,476 pregnant women are said to have received at least one vaccine.

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