EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — Some people who witnessed the fall of the Berlin Wall firsthand have some strong opinions about the border wall proposed to be built at the US/Mexico border.

“East Side Gallery is a symbol of peaceful coming together, peaceful revolution overcoming the barriers in a peaceful way. It’s an important symbol. That’s what this artwork is supposed to symbolize, a peaceful end to the cold war,” said Kani Alavi.

Alavi was living just feet away from the Berlin Wall the day it fell. He drew the first mural on what is now East Side Gallery.

His mural is the scene he said he saw outside his window of people rushing through a checkpoint when the wall fell. He eventually invited many artists to paint murals on what remains of the wall.

“You can’t build walls to separate people. You need to bring people together so they can understand each other,” said Alavi.

Alavi told KTSM he does not believe walls work no matter what part of the world they are built in.

“These are all political games to talk about building walls and hopefully one day they will realize it doesn’t make any sense,” he said.

Alavi said he has invited President Trump to visit the East Side Gallery.