TIJUANA (Border Report) — About 130 maquiladoras have been labeled as “non-essential” factories and should cease operation, according to the state’s Secretary of Labor.

Furthermore, 870 other maquiladoras have been asked to prove that they are essential and should remain in operation. At the same time, according to Sergio Moctezuma Martinez, Baja’s Secretary of Labor, only a few companies have been able to pass such a review.

Moctezuma has reportedly asked companies to adhere to COVID-19 health and safety measures and to reduce the number of workers as a way to avoid the spread of the virus.

Countless construction projects around the city have also been deemed “non-essential” and ordered to stop work, something that was mandated as of April 1.

“Companies labeled as non-essential that keep exposing their employees to unnecessary health risks face sanctions, legal action, as well as the possibility of losing permits and business licenses,” said Moctezuma Martinez.

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