JUAREZ, Mexico (Border Report) – Juarez police say they won’t tolerate any more civil disobedience after dozens of migrants attacked Mexican National Migration Institute officers trying to check for papers inside a Downtown Juarez hotel on Wednesday.

The confrontation outside Hotel Ursula on Avenida Francisco Villa prompted Juarez police to reroute traffic and the Mexican National Guard to send troops. Two INM vehicles were pelted with rocks and other objects.

More than 200 migrants from other parts of the city converged on the hotel to prevent the arrest of several Venezuelans at Hotel Ursula. One migrant was seen climbing down the side of the six-story building along a drainpipe before some of his peers got him a ladder and celebrated the feat.

Some of the Venezuelans told reporters they have been robbed and beaten by Mexican authorities and that they will not allow further abuses. Some said they are waiting for asylum appointments in El Paso and won’t allow themselves to be detained by Mexican immigration officers.

This is the second confrontation between Venezuelan migrants and authorities in Juarez in as many weeks. Last week, Venezuelans protested the arrest of some migrants lacking Mexican visas who ran into the Juarez Cathedral.