EL PASO, Texas (Border Report) – Hundreds of Venezuelan migrants have set up a tent camp near the Rio Grande, hopeful the U.S. will do an about-face on a new policy that subjects them to Title 42 expulsions.

More than 20,000 Venezuelans crossed the border in the El Paso Sector between September and early October to seek asylum. Many were released pending court dates and flew or rode buses out of town. But many of those crossing the border after Oct. 12 are now being expelled to Juarez.

The tents — some made of canvas, some fashioned out of blankets — went up on Sunday, just as temperatures in the El Paso-Juarez region went down again and light rain pelted the camp.

“We are short on tarps. We are asking the community to help us. When the rain comes, the children have no means to protect themselves,” said Mario Villanueva, a Venezuelan at the camp near the Paso del Norte International Bridge.

Jocelyn, a Venezuelan girl accompanying adult relatives to the U.S. border, puts on her shoes after waking up at the tent camp in Juarez, Mexico, that overlooks the Rio Grande and El Paso, Texas. (Border Report photo)

The migrants said they had no money to go back to Venezuela so they will stay in Juarez. Some said they need to somehow get across and find work. “We did not come here with a dream. We came here with a goal. We sold everything over there, including our homes. Going back would be difficult,” said Jorge Montilla, another Venezuelan stuck in Juarez.

Mexican government officials have agreed to receive up to 24,000 Venezuelan migrants expelled from the United States. Officials told Border Report to expect an announcement Tuesday regarding a new, emergency policy to assist expelled Venezuelan nationals.