TIJUANA (Border Report) — Members of a group called Angels Without Borders staged a demonstration this week outside the U.S. Consulate in Tijuana to protest what they call is intrusive American influence over Mexico.

Among several things, they’re afraid Vice President Kamala Harris will convince Mexico’s government to send National Guard troops to the border and prevent migrants from crossing into the U.S.

At one point, the group burned a piñata effigy of “Uncle Sam” and of a businessman who appears to be “bribing” Mexican officials.

“We extend a welcome to Kamala Harris, but we don’t want her to push for the National Guard to conduct vigils on the border,” said Sergio Tamai, one of the protest organizers. “We want her and President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to come to an agreement on how to allow migrants a clear path into the U.S. with rules and order, but never to prevent them from reaching the United States.”

Overall, the demonstration was peaceful, but just in case, Tijuana Municipal Police units kept an eye, something that irritated those gathered.

“We are against some of these crooked cops who steal money from migrants, how embarrassing that they are here to supposedly control what is a peaceful demonstration,” said Tamai. “They should be chasing delinquents, it looks bad for them to do the consulate’s job.”

Avetik Avo Avetyah, the head of security at the consulate, allowed Tamai and another protest leader, José María García, to enter the consulate and share their concerns.

Demonstrators set fire to an Uncle Sam piñata and one representing a businessman who bribes Mexican officials. (Jorge Nieto/Special to Border Report)

“The official gave us his email so we can send our proposals, we affirmed that we have peaceful and friendly intentions, we are satisfied with the dialogue,” said Tamai.

Tamai and others are also asking the U.S. to stop nighttime expulsions and deportations of migrants into cities like Tijuana.

“This is creating a saturation in all the shelters and it’s creating a problem because most who end up at the shelters don’t move and it’s leading to overcrowding,” said García.

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