EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — El Paso police officers and crews with the city’s Environmental Services Department on Monday dismantled an impromptu migrant camp that sprung up near a shelter in Downtown El Paso.

The operation on Father Rahm Street, just south of Sacred Heart church, began shortly before noon Monday. Officials on the scene said tol KTSM a similar cleanup operation was underway at a camp next to the Greyhound Bus Station.

City crews and police directed the migrants to pick up what they could, while the rest was transferred to waste bins and Dumpsters.

Our KTSM crews captured workers tossing blankets with Red Cross logos, as well as other personal items, blankets, clothes and tarps into a dump truck.

Police officers made their way from person to person, also directing the migrants and helping workers clear the area.

Venezuelan migrants with whom KTSM spoke said they were simply there for the help, and were grateful for the help, but the actions of the police and workers disposing of their personal and donated items was “inhumane.”

Sun Metro buses were on scene to provide shelter for some of the migrants, while a van with El Paso Fire Department markings was set to take migrants to the Civic Center, provided they had the correct immigration documents.

Officials with El Pasoans Fighting Hunger arrived on the scene and began documenting the cleanup, as many of the items had been donated by their organization.

KTSM has contacted the city for comment on the situation and is awaiting a response.