EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — Migrants are setting up camp outside of a homeless shelter in South El Paso after arriving in large groups on Tuesday.

Over 210 migrants were seen on Wednesday camping outside the Opportunity Center for the Homeless, which has run out of space inside.

The shelter’s deputy director, John Martin, says the migrants started showing up outside on Tuesday morning. He said there were about 70 people at first, but the number kept growing.

Martin also said out of concern for the migrants and the shelter’s safety, they converted a small parking lot outside into a campsite for migrants.

“We said, ‘OK, let’s get it set up the best as we can,'” Martin said. “We had a couple of porta-potties dropped in, we had a hand wash station, we’re bringing water and food out as we can.”

The homeless shelter is already at capacity, and with the end of Title 42 nearly two weeks away, more migrants are expected.

“These are all migrants majority of which are from Venezuela. We don’t know their documentation status at this point, so we refer to that as sort of a mixed status because they probably have a little bit of both as we sort of pick through it but the reality of it is we already have 100 migrants inside plus the local homeless population, so we simply don’t have any space,” added Martin.

The shelter at 1208 Myrtle Ave., is asking the community for food donations.

About a mile away, dozens of migrants can also be seen outside of Sacred Heart Church. A KTSM crew reported seeing approximately 100 migrants outside of the church on Wednesday evening.