LAS CRUCES, New Mexico (KTSM) – Just like El Paso, the city of Las Cruces has been seeing an influx of migrants released with nowhere to go.

Some migrants have been dropped off at several shelters across the city, including El Calvario Methodist Church, which has seen about 50 come through its doors a day.

When they first arrive, they are testing each person for COVID-19 to make sure they are negative before they are able to walk through the door. After that, they try and locate their sponsors and give them the necessary means of transportation to get them to where they need to go.

However, according to caseworker Christina Roy, they need more volunteers and necessary donations to give to those at the center.

“We would love to have shoes of all sizes because we try to get them clothing, showers, food, so shoes and monetary funding is always helpful so we can allocate it for the things we need.”

With many buses coming throughout the day, the church never really knows who will come through. Johana Belanio, a mother who is traveling from Nicaragua, fled her country from what she calls a dictatorship and for wanting to give her family a better life.

However, once they reached the border, Belanio was separated from her daughter after moving around from center to center. Once she got to El Calvario, she did not know if she would be reunited with her.

On Wednesday, by pure chance, when a bus arrived at the church to drop off more migrants, Belanio saw her daughter and was overjoyed at being reunited.

“I was asking God to send her here, where we are. Of course, I was happy, I felt more at peace. We’ve been through so much, to lose her here.”

Currently, Belanio and her children are waiting for her niece who is her sponsor to come and claim them. Until then, she says that they will be OK.

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