EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – As the end of Title 42 draws near, local animal rescue Bridge Pups Rescue is bracing for more pets to arrive at the border with their owners.

Founded by Ruby Montana, Bridge Pups Rescue is a non-profit organization that focuses on rescuing dogs that cross over from Juarez to El Paso. Through Montana, those dogs are able to receive care and stay in a foster home.

Within the past year, Montana has shifted focus to reuniting those dogs and pets with migrants who are crossing the border into the United States. While she has not seen a significant increase in the number of pets at the border yet, she is preparing herself for the end of Title 42.

“The migrants alone that I have helped have shared their panics, their fears, their worries of so many catastrophic things that could happen not only for themselves and their pets here already in the United States, but their loved ones trying desperately to get here.”

KTSM spoke with Javier, a migrant from Venezuela who brought his dog Luna with him on his journey from Peru to the U.S. Not wanting to be separated from her, he did everything he could to make sure that his dog was always by his side.

“She’s gotten me through some dark times, you know what I mean. She’s a service dog as they say here. A service puppy. She’s helped me so much and that’s why I can’t let her go.”

Montana wants those who are planning to cross the border to learn about her rescue so that she can step in and provide help to pets in need. She is also seeking foster homes for the pets as they receive medical care and donations for necessary supplies.

If you would like to reach out, you can find information on the Bridge Pups Rescue Facebook page.

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