SAN DIEGO (Border Report) — Mexico’s Consulate in San Diego says the eight migrants who drowned last month during a smuggling attempt off the coast in La Jolla, California have been identified, and their remains are being returned to their hometowns.

The victims include five men and two women and a girl. All were from Mexico.

Six of the migrants were from the state of Puebla, one from Jalisco and another from Mexico City:

  • Arturo Valena Rueda, 33 
  • Angel Gomez Lopez, 29
  • Alma Rosa Figueroa Gorgonio, 17
  • Yacenia Lazcano Soriano, 22
  • Ana Jacqueline Figueroa Perez, 23
  • Guillermo Suarez Gonzalez, 23
  • Eloy Hernandez Baltazar, 48 (Jalisco)
  • Paul Diaz Lopez, 50 (Mexico City)

“The Consulate General of Mexico in San Diego calls for raising awareness about the dangers our nationals face when crossing the border undocumented,” said Consul General Carlos González Gutiérrez. “The loss of human life in these conditions is absolutely unacceptable and for no reason should deaths at the border be normalized.”

The Mexican Government is said to be covering the costs of repatriating the victims and is reportedly assisting the families with legal procedures.