JUAREZ, Mexico (Border Report) – Juarez police are investigating a series of violent attacks against businesses and a public transportation vehicle Sunday and on the pre-dawn hours of Monday.

Two armed men walked into a strip club in South Juarez on Sunday night and shot at patrons sitting at a table; one man was killed, police said. The attack bore similarities to a January triple murder in which armed assailants walked into a bar near downtown and focused on people sitting at one specific table. Police labeled that attack as drug related. Juarez authorities shut down the bar until their investigation is complete.

Border Report photo

Hours later, unidentified suspects tossed Molotov cocktails at a funeral home along Carlos Amaya Loop in Central Juarez, setting the business on fire. Juarez firefighters doused the flames at the Los Angeles Funeral Home and prevented major damages to the structure. On Sunday, a similar firebombing targeted the Del Carmen funeral home, also on Carlos Amaya.

Police found remains of gasoline-filled glass bottles on one of the scenes. Authorities have not determined a motive for the attacks. However, the president of a funeral home directors’ association told local news media its members are worried for their safety. In the past, drug gangs have attacked funerals of slain rivals with deadly results.

Neighbors in Los Aztecas neighborhood in Juarez, Mexico, look at the remains of a burned public transportation bus. (Roberto Delgado/Special to Border Report)

A public transportation bus parked in a neighborhood in the same general area of the funeral homes also was set on fire.