EL PASO, Texas (Border Report) — Dashcam video from a Department of Public Safety unit shows a migrant smuggler leading troopers on a chase before the vehicle abruptly stops and the driver and several migrants run away.

The chase happened on June 14 in San Ygnacio, Texas, a tiny border town about 35 miles south of Laredo, Texas.

The video begins with troopers attempting to stop a black Cadillac SUV before it turns left into a residential neighborhood.

The SUV is seen speeding through stop signs and speeding past a school.

Moments before the SUV stops, a dog runs onto the street, prompting the trooper to avoid hitting it.

At the end of the block, the SUV abruptly stops.

Several people are seen getting out and running away. However, some people get out of the SUV slowly, including a man who appears to be limping.

Video shows one trooper ordering the man and a woman to get on the floor as he attempts to open the SUV’s trunk.

The video then cuts a still shot of several migrants, mostly men, being apprehended.

DPS said the driver and five migrants attempted to run off. DPS said U.S. Border Patrol agents assisted and apprehended seven migrants.