EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Two Venezuelans were arrested after driving the wrong way in a stolen vehicle near Sacred Heart Church, where dozens of migrants have been camping out for weeks.

On Dec. 29, officers were patrolling near the church when they spotted a Jeep going the wrong way. Officers stopped the vehicle, which was being driven by 21-year-old Yorve Berroteran. Jeandid Isaac Melendez, 22, was in the passenger’s seat. Police identified both occupants as being from Venezuela.

Officers discovered that the vehicle did not belong to either of them, and Melendez reportedly gave the officers a false name and date of birth. She was arrested on suspicion of failure to identify, while Berroteran was charged with traffic violations, police said.

On Tuesday, the owner of the Jeep reported the vehicle stolen, saying they couldn’t do it earlier because they were in Juarez.

They told police they had left the Jeep running to warm it up moments before it was stolen from the 600 block of Mesa Street.