BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) —Many of the migrants who were killed in the fatal crash in Brownsville were from Venezuela.

These migrants were seeking the American dream, only to have it end here less than 6 miles from where they crossed into the United States.

Brownsville police said, eight people were killed and 10 injured while they were waiting outside at a bus stop.

A migrant from Venezuela, Luis Herrera, said he was at the bus stop Sunday morning when a man driving a grey Range Rover plowed though a crowd of people, including migrants waiting for a ride to the airport.

Herrera is among the victims who survived the tragedy.

“There was 20-25 of us waiting on a bus to the airport…a lady approached in a white car and told us to separate. There was another car behind, going full speed. He was going maybe 60 kilometers an hour but when he saw our group he accelerated and drove right through us,” Herrera said.

According to Herrera, he was one of the three people that walked away from the crash.

Those who died and were injured in the crash were Herrera’s travel companions during the long journey to the U.S.

“We’re traumatized. I’m traumatized. This is terrible…I wouldn’t wish this on anyone,” Herrera said.

At least 10 people were injured and were transported to hospitals across the Rio Grande Valley.

The driver of the Range Rover was arrested and charged with reckless driving.

“Now we don’t know the actual cause of the crash like I said it could be three different things. It could be intoxication, it could be accidental, or it could be intentional,” Brownsville spokesman Martin Sandoval said.

According to Sandoval, the driver is not cooperating with police.

“He’s actually given us various different names, so it hasn’t been possible to identify him, but as soon as we get him into our city jail, he will get photographed and fingerprinted,” Sandoval said. “The prints will get run through our system and get us an accurate ID.”

Police have not established the motive for the crash but have ordered a toxicology report on the driver, however, it could get take days or even weeks to get the results back.