TIJUANA (Border Report) — More than 1,000 people have been murdered in Tijuana this year, including 93 halfway through this month alone, according to Baja California’s head of public safety.

Early Tuesday morning near Tijuana’s coastal zone, a body was found in a cooler with no head.

At another site not too far away, Tijuana police reported finding another body wrapped in a rug.

And about 25 miles south of Tijuana, a Rosarito Beach police officer by the name of Pedro Ángel Moreno Romero was shot and killed.

According to investigators, the officer was on his way to work when he was approached by three men in “construction clothing” wearing white helmets and orange vests.

The men reportedly shot the officer several times in the head.

Officers arriving on the scene found their colleague inside his car.

No one has been arrested in connection with the officer’s death or the bodies found in Tijuana.

For the last three years, Tijuana has surpassed 2,000 murders each year.

The total number of those killed in 2022 hit 1,006 on Tuesday. Optimism that the city would see fewer homicides than in 2021 is slowly fading.