EL PASO, Texas (Border Report) – Two Texas Department of Public Safety vehicle pursuits resulted in the arrest of two men and the apprehension of seven undocumented migrants on Thursday evening.

The first pursuit began after 5 p.m. in the parking lot of a Walmart where DPS troopers stopped a blue Cadillac with Texas license plates for a moving violation on Artcraft Road near Interstate 10. DPS troopers traditionally maintain a strong presence on Artcraft, which turns into Pete Domenici Highway at the New Mexico state line and straddles desert areas known for migrant smuggling.

When DPS troopers exited their patrol vehicle, the driver of the Cadillac allegedly pulled away and a chase ensued. The car drove through multiple parking lots and city streets to evade the state police until it reached U.S. Highway 54 heading toward New Mexico.

“During this time, the driver was observed multiple times discarding a crystal-like powder substance from the driver side window,” DPS said in a statement. “Between US 54 and the Chaparral, New Mexico, area, the driver was observed throwing a black metal object from the driver side window of the vehicle.”

Texas troopers continued the “hot pursuit” across the state line until the driver stopped the Cadillac by a gas station on McCombs Road in Chaparral. The driver and a passenger were arrested, and an investigation is ongoing.

A dented car sits on the side of the road near Executive Center Boulevard in El Paso, Texas. (KTSM photo)

Four hours later, DPS troopers in West El Paso engaged in another pursuit involving a vehicle apparently carrying an excess number of occupants. The vehicle stopped at the Executive Center Boulevard Exit of Interstate 10 and several occupants exited, DPS said.

Video taken at the scene shows a car with a dented fender and several men sitting on the ground as police vehicles and ambulances with lights flashing are in the background. El Paso Police, Emergency Medical Services and the U.S. Border Patrol responded to the scene.

DPS says seven undocumented migrants were apprehended by the Border Patrol. There was no immediate word on injuries.