MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexico City police made one of the biggest drug busts in recent memory in the capital, stopping two freight trucks carrying about 1.6 tons of cocaine, officials said on Tuesday.

Police Chief Omar Garcia Harfuch said the cocaine was worth about $20 million on the street in Mexico.

“The weight of the drug is estimated to be more than approximately 1500 kilograms, so we are talking by far about the largest seizure of cocaine in Mexico City and it represents a heavy blow to the financial structure of criminal organizations,” he said.

But he said only part of the shipment had been destined for the capital, with the rest heading north to Los Angeles.

The cocaine apparently was sent to Mexico from Colombia and landed at a port on the Pacific coast of the southern state of Oaxaca, the chief said.

“According to the investigation lines, we are aware the shipment originated in Colombia, it was transported by sea to the coast of Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, to continue its route to Mexico City, where it would be distributed, I repeat, a part of it points in the central area of the capital and then it would continue its transit in order to reach the west coast of the United States,” Harfuch said.

He said a third vehicle was escorting the two trucks, and four Colombians were arrested.

Mexico City officials have long acknowledged that drug cartels use the capital as a shipping point, but they claim the gangs do not operate in the city as brazenly as they do in other parts of Mexico.

“An operation was launched on the Outer Loop of the State of Mexico in the vicinity of Avenida Rio de los Remedios, in the municipality of Gustavo Madero, on the border with the State of Mexico, in which two tractor-trailers were intercepted with platforms equipped with hidden compartments that concealed hundreds of packages with cocaine, in addition to securing a vehicle in addition to these two trucks,” Harfuch said.