JUAREZ, Mexico (Border Report) – A firebomb attack on a Juarez funeral home claimed the life of a man and left two others injured early Thursday.

The fire at the Del Carmen funeral home in the Guadalajara neighborhood was reported around 6 a.m., a short time after neighbors had called in a report that gunmen shot at the pumps of a nearby gasoline station, police and firefighters told Border Report.

The fire at the funeral home likely was started by Molotov cocktails, Juarez police and firefighters said. Remnants of at least one such bottle were found at the scene, authorities said.

Firefighters said the burn victims – a 46-year-old man, another adult and a child – were living in the back of the business. No one was hurt at the gasoline station that was shot at.

The gasoline station that was attacked by gunmen in Juarez. (Border Report photo)

“When the unit arrived, (the firefighters) saw there were injured persons including one inside, who were rescued by our personnel with first-, second, and third-degree burns,” said Sergio Rodriguez, commander of the Juarez Fire Department.

Earlier this month, unknown persons hurled Molotov cocktails at two other funeral homes and set a parked public transportation bus on fire.

Juarez police have not established a motive for the attacks.